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Appear has pioneered Graphene battery technology for consumer electronics and graphene light weight batteries for electric vehicles. We have partnered with the world’s largest electronic manufacturer to deliver innovative products to customers. Our consumers benefit from automated manufacturing, testing, and best in class quality assurance.

Appear’s proprietary Graphene combination can be integrated in Li-ion batteries. Manufacturers can replace existing batteries with our certified Graphene batteries. Appear Graphene batteries boast of higher capacity to that of Li-ion battery for the same physical size and weigh less.

Our proprietary Graphene fast charge battery technology is poised to disrupt a variety of sectors in consumer and industrial categories.

Appear battery technology boasts of low resistance, improved battery capacity, high durability, light weight, and safety.

When compared to conventional batteries the capacity of Appear graphene battery is improved by 25% ensuring longer range.

Our batteries are engineered using advanced materials to extend battery life.

Smartphones- Battery weight and charge speed are among the most important features.

Increased charging speed by 2-3X.

Reduced battery weight by 30%.

Improved battery life with superior thermal efficiency.

Graphene Flexible Battery Applications

VR Headsets




Home Automation