ABOUT US Do you know why you can’t stop playing with technology? It’s fun and different. This is what we are all about. Prepare to be amazed every day with Appear.
Delivering outstanding innovation Appear is a rapidly growing company that leads the globe in innovation and design, offering the newest and coolest products. Our goal is to equip consumers with fun and inspirational creations that continually surprise.
Appear’s products will make your home and office the envy of your friends as well as your kids’ friends. Watch people look up from their own devices and ask you about yours, because you will be the person who owns cutting-edge products from Appear. The future is closer in time than anyone realizes. We know this because we are dedicated to giving you future-thinking products today.
Delivering disruption Appear is disruptive, in a good way. We do Graphene. We do buoyant. We do levitation. Creatively disrupting the normal is what inspires our designers and engineers to bring you new and amazing products that you’ll want to use all the time. They are functional, yet feel like fun distractions. The beauty and mystery draw you in, yet you didn’t even know you wanted them until they appeared before your eyes. Amazing.
PRODUCTS Business-to-Business Business-to-Consumer Business-to-Business Appear is a leader and innovator in the fields of consumer electronics and battery technology. By partnering with the world’s largest contractor manufacturer of electronics, our customers gain the benefit of automated manufacturing, testing and best in class quality assurance.

Our Graphene fast charge battery applications are in the pipeline for battery technology licensing in multiple consumer and industrial categories. Appear is poised to disrupt a variety of sectors, including:
Electric vehicles
Appear Graphene batteries offer faster charging and greater range than existing battery technologies.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Appear Graphene batteries enable greater reliability and power backup capabilities for critical sensors and other applications.
Super Smartphone : Licensing Technology
Graphene battery powered phones. Our water resistant 5G Smartphone protects you 100% from water damage. It will keep your blood pressure and anxiety in check if you see your device fly out of your hands and into the pool or the bathtub. Breathe—everything will be okay.
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Business-to-Consumer Appear’s talented engineering team is committed to developing new age technology for you. We specialize in consumer electronics, battery applications and advanced material science. State-of-the-art is where we begin, and it only gets better from there. With Appear, you’ll find: Levitation products
like speakers that hover in the air and float behind you during a video call. Be the coolest one in the meeting. Create a conversation and become the person that your customers want to do business with, because you are best-in-class and ahead of the rest.
Power banks
World's fastest charging power bank. Our Graphene Super 20 Powerbank provides enough power to charge your phone, tablet and laptop. The device is compact and can fit in your pocket, handbag or a backpack without weighing you down. It charges in a flash and ensures that you will always have a full charge on top of what is already in your phone battery—without having to sit around and wait for an emergency charge situation or be outdoors and uncertain of when your smartphone/tablet or laptop might shut off.
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